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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shamira's Quilt

I have a niece who is legally blind and also just turned 6. I made this quilt for her. The idea behind it was that she could have lots of things that she could touch, with many different textures. It has flannel, cotton,  ribbon, buttons, minky, quilting, and satin. 

This is a quilt that could have gotten quite addicting into making all sorts of different touches. I decided for my sanity and timeframe to keep it simple. 

I started with the flannel backing as inspiration for the whole project. 

Not only is it just so cute it is also so very soft. Basically, it set my colors and helped limit me to flowers. 

These buttons look tricky but they are actually pretty simple. The tip is fabric glue and pointy ended tweezers. Once the glue dries you can sew them down. Sewing them down is important because the glue isn't a certainty and with kids you want certainty for choking objects. Plus buttons without the typical thread cross just don't look right.

They feel a lot of fun.

Trapunto quilting. A bit hard to see in this picture but if you don't know trapunto is just sewing 2 parallel close set lines on two pieces of fabric sandwiched together. You then get a large blunt needle with yarn and sew the yarn between the two sewn lines and the sandwiched fabric. The yard creates the texture of whatever you have sewn. Subtle fun. 

Looped ribbon segments. 'Nough said.

This is just a yo-yo out of satin with a great big button holding it down. 


  1. I want one. I'm almost blind. LOL

  2. I only hand deliver, Courtney. So I will make you one if you come and get it.