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Saturday, August 7, 2010


I love this hat. I made this hat. I am proud of this hat.

Let me explain something. I love to crochet. I don't like the look of crochet. I hate to knit. I love the look of  knit.

This has always plagued me. I have spent sleepless afternoons debating over my new skein of yarn, 'to knit or to crochet?' No longer do I have to agonize over this issue. I feel freed. I feel alive again. I feel like I should alert the news stations.

Tonight however, you are my only audience and I must share with you.

If you crochet this is an invaluable website with links to hundreds of free patterns, including my very own pattern of the scarf I made. I feel famous.

And this is the link to the incredible woman's website who opened my eyes to the possibilities open to me now I know how to crochet cables.

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  1. Love the Kitchen R Us advertisement. Just went shopping - thanks.