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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

White Trash

Over here in the land of Oz they have a peculiar custom. Every now and then the council sends a suburb a notice saying that the home dwellers can put all there large trash on the curb and the council will come clean it up. People are allowed to put out the trash somewhere around 1 to 2 weeks before council comes to pick it up.

Why I say this is peculiar is that for a short time it transforms nice looking suburbs into more of a trash heap. However, many people go around armed with trucks and trailers scouring the trash on the curb to find 'another man's treasure'.

It just so happened that we were driving through one of these areas and I spied what looked like a nice chair. Shannon flipped around and we went looking for it. When I got up close it was a nice chair except for the fact that one leg had come off but nice considerate previous owners had left the leg with it. So we packed it home and in about a half hour flat Shannon and I had the legs all screwed on and sturdy. God bless the hopeless handy man.

Really the only problem with this chair is that it is white and I have toddlers. During the fixing I found an Ikea sticker so I thought that I could buy a new non-white cover for it. Come to find out that this chair retails for $420 and the covers are around $160. Since it is a free chair to me I didn't want to invest in a cover and I wasn't very fond of any of their other covers. So we decided to go with option number 2.

See the pretty colors that make grey?

Oh no! What have we done?

Oh good, it gets darker.

It does have some inconsistencies in the shades of grey. You can see a bit along the bottom, how the arm on the right side of the picture isn't the same shade as the front and other arm. Overall, it is better than white and we might try again later. 

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  1. Good job kids. Were the girls impressed? Easter egg hunt today at Daphne's. She is so excited because she got 5 dozen eggs for 6 dollars and then found beer 20 pack for 12$. Tony said that's great but you can't hide beer ! Oh boy - the challenge is on now. Miss you. Hope you have a good Easter week and that we all remember the reason for the season. Even if it is pagan activities. Hugs