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Monday, December 21, 2009


F is for flag and lots of fish. Oh, and the F is actually fuzzy.

Fishing pole fishing fish out of a fish bowl.

Now I realize the flags are not the same size. I was worried that Shannon would give me crap because the US flag is bigger than the Aus flag. I could not find a smaller US flag, and the Aus flag I had in that same collection with the doggie from D for years as well. It is very hard to find any flags besides US and state flags while in the US. I know, Shannon, it is those ego-centric Americans again, thinking they are the only country in the world.

So my solution was to put the Aus flag higher on the page than the US flag. Then it got me worried about being disrespectful to the US flag while we were still in the US. Since Australians do not have the same respect for their flag that Americans have for theirs, then Australians shouldn't worry about being lower.

I thought a lot of things but basically what I learned is that politics don't mix with anything, even crafts. So, damn you politics, I don't care I will do what I want. Suck it.

I still look at them and think that I should rip them both off and just have a fishing page. Ugh.

The fishing pole is just a coat hanger that is bent to have a small circle just where it attaches to with the button reel. Sew on the button through the small circle and viola you have a pivoting fishing rod. The fish bowl is made with small scraps of clear vinyl, zig- zagged on with 'invisible' thread that is used by quilters.