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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I is for icecream, iguana, and ivy.
You smart ones out there might recognize that there is nothing interactive about this page. This is because I was my nemesis. Of all the 'hard' letters I really wasn't expecting to get stumped by I. J, K, X or even Q but I?
This one was the last page I did. It sat on my desk for weeks and I attempted so many different things, ice-skates, ivy that you hook on, ivy with paint, pen and ribbon.

I then decided to do hand-stitching of the vines. A bit time consuming but so much faster than doing nothing.

The ivy leaves were buttons that I cut the loop off the back so they would lie flat. I hot glued them down and then stitched them down around the stem. You can't be too careful if kiddies are going to be playing with it. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010


H is for hearts...


and horses.

So sorry for the blurry photo with the hanger and the lens shading on the horse, but I was in a hurry when I took these.

This page was one that I wasted a lot of material and time on, had to set it aside and do other pages and return with a clear head. The plan was always the same - a H on a hanger but at first I was trying to get the horse print on the H. Also I was having a hard time working out how to sew the H with the 'arm' holes but still have it neat with no fraying.

In the end I used iron on seam tape around the 'arm' holes and sewed the rest together. The H was actually 2 H's on top of each other and folded in half and sewed/ironed.

The hanger I had to draw a hanger shape on a piece of paper and then bend the wire while aligning it on the piece of paper.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


G is for gate...

giraffe, golf, and...


I love that little giraffe. I think he is cute and his name shall be Garry.

The gate is made from white satin ribbon sew onto clear vinyl. I went a little hardcore on my gate and put ribbon on both sides so it looks nice from the back as well. I tack glued them down before I sewed so that they wouldn't shift during stitching. 

I hope you noticed the cool hinges. Remember me talking about them on D?

Story goes: I went to JoAnne's and got these really cool hinges in a package of 6. When I got ready to use them and opened them up, there were only 5 hinges and the missing one was the one I wanted most.

I went back to the store, without a receipt, because it had been some time since I had purchased them. I didn't think that this would be a problem because they were store brand hinges and I wanted a straight exchange. I don't understand their store policy because they started rattling things off to me about only being able to give me the lowest sale price (who cares when you want an exchange?) and crap about sales tax. I paid sales tax when I first bought them. However, they made me pay the sales tax again in order to exchange a product that was faulty.

Let me say that I was a little bit pissed off until the trip that I went with my sister and they only charged me for 1 yard of material instead of the 2 that was cut. I say we are even now.