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Monday, August 16, 2010

Giant Snowflake

I did this a small while back. You wouldn't believe how much energy it can take to get up off my butt and take a simple photograph so that I can then post it. It takes so much energy that I was only able to muster enough tonight because I didn't have to walk home from work.

One of my co-workers takes the same train as me and we share a trip when we share a shift. Tonight she got off at my stop to meet her partner and they both insisted that I take a ride from them.

I had to laugh when he told me, "you are in Australia now, this isn't America." Yes, because America is known for being such a safe place to be.

Anyway back to my project.

Giant Snowflake

The above link is the pattern that I followed. This is why I love the internet, free patterns and help for when I get in trouble.

On row 12 of this pattern I could not figure out what it was talking about. I tried and I unravelled, again and again. Then I saw that people had left comments about similar problems and triumphs. I was actually able to email a nice lady who helped me over this hump. Just because she was nice, she helped me, a stranger, because the internet is a wonderful place.

I love the pictures of this pattern but mine actually turned out a bit small. I think one day I might try it again with a bigger needle. Anyone want a smallish giant snowflake?

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  1. Very pretty Boo and I like the color too. You are so clever. I think I should send you a case of 5 hour energy drinks. I am sorry that you are so tired all the time. I hope as you acclimate to the weather, bugs, etc you will feel better. Thank you for posting - We all enjoy it so much. I love you.