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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Spoon Me

I have recently started picking up spoons. I thought that I would just pick up 6 cute little spoons to have with my beautiful cups and saucers, but so far I have 19. Whoops.

Antique shopping with Q last weekend not only got me spoons but stories.

The first store we walked in the proprieter indicated that some people believe that the dolls for sale in the store would get up and play at night. We laughed at this one because some of the dolls were especially creepy so he then said, "that's nothing the next store over has a ghost of a little girl." Yikes.

At the next store when we asked the lady behind the counter if there was more upstairs she told us to help ourselves but to keep our eyes open. She had a strange look on her face and upstairs had a bad feel to it.

I am not big on ghost stories. I do not believe in ghosts in the sense of them being the souls of our dearly departed. However, I do believe in spirits and forces of both good and evil. So these stories can really creep me out.

So when we walked into the last store that day and after chatting with the guy there and hearing his story I was so glad that it was the last store before EVERYTHING closed at 5PM. There I go ranting about shopping hours in Perth again. You may ask yourself, "when is she going to get over that?" The answer is simple - when there are reasonable shopping hours for people who work full time!

So one morning when Bob (I don't know his real name but I thought it would be a better story if he had a better name than 'that guy') was opening up the shop by himself he went to turn the lights on in a small upstairs room. Bob told us that they have since closed off this room and do not display things in there anymore because stuff just wouldn't sell from in there. I don't know, could it be the weird freaky vibe? To get to the light switch Bob had to walk through the regular sized doorway. After he turned on the light and went to walk back out he had to stop because there was a chair RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DOORWAY. He could not have possibly walked in and missed the chair.

When he started his story I was expecting him to say that he saw a person or a white mist or another form of a ghost. For him to say what he did about the chair just really gave me the heebie geebies. Shiver.

Ghost stories aside, back to the spoons.

I have been googling spoons a lot tonight and I thought that the one on the far left was an absinthe spoon and that I would then have to give it to my mother. But on further study I think that it is just a spoon for sugar sifting or getting olive or maraschino cherries out of the juice like I first thought. So no, Mom, you can't have it. 

I did find 7 spoons all the same and thought they would make a nice tea set. They have very nice detailing. 

But after cleaning them there is too much corrosion on a few of the bowls.

I found another apostle spoon. So now I have 2 of the 12 apostles. Now I just need 10 more plus the Master larger spoon. I don't care if they are a match set. 

I found out tonight that you can tell who each of the apostles are by what they are holding. I haven't figured out who these two are or if I even have two different apostles. I will keep working on that one. 

But my best find so far.

It is a Gerber spoon. You can still order these for your baby. This one is from somewhere between 1900-1940. The stamp on the back is McG.C.Co which apparently makes it rare and better than the Winthrop stamp of some other silver plate Gerber spoons. 

I think I paid $1 for this (I bought it in a lot and don't know exactly what she charged me individually) but what they are going for on Ebay is closer to $15-18 depending on who's dollar you are using. I am quite proud of my buy. Except now I want more. Oops.