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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


E is for elephants, eagle and...


E was actually the first letter I did. I got this grand idea of making an elevator, because if you haven't figured it out yet, something on each page had to be interactive (there is one exception that will be explained when it makes its appearance). I like my elevator and I think it worked out nicely.

 Now, that I am looking back at the work I did on my first page, as opposed to the last one, I can't believe the stupid little details I was adding. It really isn't much but I actually two-toned the inside of the elevator to show the floor and the wall. I should have been chanting, 25 more, 25 more, 25 more....

The elevator is just a loop of ribbon through two button holes. Super simple.


  1. Like I always tell you, dont get too involved when there is so much more to do. Love you.

  2. I love the details. That is what makes your book invaluable. Anonymous must be Shannon. Boys like it quick and simple.