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Thursday, September 16, 2010


For all you smart people who knew it was an alphabet book (thanks to the clues of the ABC's on the cover material and the hint of 26 days) here is a look at the material on the inside cover.

I found this toward the end of the constant searching of Walmart, JoAnne's, Beverly's and any other store that dared carry material or notions. I had to have it, rationalizing to myself that it would help my girls learn how to write in cursive. The truth being they would probably get in trouble when it came time to do cursive in school, as it seems every teacher teaches a different method of writing specific characters.

I am going to go through the book in order of the alphabet but I will have you know that that is not the way it was created. If I remember correctly I started with E and I definitely remember that I was last.

So with no further ado here is the broad look at A:

A is for apron, airplane, apple and...


I love this airplane material. It reminds me of an old painting we used to have hanging in our house and now sits forlornly in the closet. Rejected by the fact that there are no little boy rooms to decorate.


  1. That airplane painting needs to go to Courtney. Unless you want it. I had a good time today. You girls are the best. I love you.

  2. I have the airplane painting not sure were to hang it now that Cason and Marissa are in the same room. Oh well we will find some were they will not be in the same room forever.