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Saturday, September 18, 2010


B is for blue, button...


bear and bird.

B has a lot of possibilities but knowing how limited some of the pages were going to be, (how many items can you think of for X?) I decided to keep all the pages rather simple.

Simple does not mean easy. I was not following patterns. This means that I glued and sewed each and every one of those buttons twice because I didn't get the front of the book the right size the first time. That is a lot of gluing and sewing. Try it sometime I think you might agree.

Let me give you this little tip. When gluing down all those tiny little buttons have a pair of tweezers that have a very pointy tip that fit into the button holes. I think my tweezers saved my sanity. I have fat fingers (the proof of this is in the above photo, check out those sausages), and without the tweezers my fat little digits would have been pushing around the buttons I just glued down while trying to place the next button.

I think that B might be one of my favorite pages. Except maybe for M or G or maybe even P or Q, oh I don't know!

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