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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Y is for yellow, yo-yo and yarn.

The yo-you goes up and down in the same way that the elevator in E does. Except on the yo-yo it also can go round and round.

In all honesty this is my least favorite letter. I don't know if it is the yo-yo (it doesn't work very smoothly) or it it is all the yellow. I don't really like yellow, even though it is my mom and Claire's favorite color.

Claire's favorite color can change by the minute and it is a topic she really likes to discuss. She asks everyone in ear shot what their favorite colors are and then she demands of someone, "Now you say, what's my favorite color." When she first started doing this I used to tell her a color that I thought was her favorite and she would get angry until I realized she needed me to say, "What's your favorite color, Claire?"

When she answers it can be any color but yellow is the one that occurs the most often and with the most conviction.

Really the only thing I like about this page is the cute little yarn ball I made. See, isn't it cute:

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  1. Sorry about your yoyo. Love the yellow. I have two favorite colors. Red and yellow. Mix a little blue in now and then and things are pretty.