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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A'maze'ing Demolition

It is amazing how easy it is to tear down something that you worked so hard to build. The one exception is unpicking a seam. The sewing machine works much faster than me.

For the girls birthdays we combined the party this year. I got this funny idea in my head and because of my brilliance and Shannon's back-breaking dedication to me (thanks for your help also, Papa and Michael) this idea came to life.

It took 4 days, 300 feet of construction plastic and 51 poles to create 'The Maze'. That is 51 holes each having to be dug a minimum of 1 foot. When I was doing the designing I thought that we should have the poles around 2 feet deep. It only took one hole to convince me that one foot was enough.

Well, this maze survived through 3 separate kid events, 2 wind storms and just over 2 months.

Today, we decided that it would be best if in the interest of presenting a nice house, it would be a good idea to get rid of the black plastic monstrosity in the front yard. Four days got demolished in less than a half hour.

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  1. Thank you sweetie and sweetie's husband. Did the girls cry when they woke up from their naps? xo