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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Q is for queen...

and quilt.

Yes, I made a mini quilt. My father-in-law thinks quilting is silly because, "You have a perfectly good big bit of material, then you cut it all up into little pieces, just to sew it all back together again." There are some fabric patterns in WalMart that agree with him and have a 'quilted' pattern printed on the material. This to me is the ultimate in cheap. I couldn't do that even in a small scale, things have to be done right.

I bought the little crown for the queen and at first the thought was just to perch it on top of the Q but then it just looked like a crown and not a queen. So I had to paint this little lady. This is a fabric paint. I tried to make this book washable. I don't imagine that I will even stick it into the washing machine and dryer but at least it can be spot cleaned and hand-washed.

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