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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Art or...?

On our travels this weekend we went to a house where my friend Bear was house-sitting. Part of the directions to the house were, "if you don't see a bunch of strange sculptures in the driveway you are in the wrong driveway."

When we got there we knew immediately we were in the right place. They were fantastic. Life sized elephants and giraffes. 

Crocodiles guarding the fish pond.

My favorite was this large cat on a branch bolted to a tree. The day was ending and I couldn't get a good shot even though I think I tired at least a dozen times. 

Being an art teacher I was very impressed with this private collection. I must admit, however, I am used to having to treat artworks with a degree of respect. I found, winding up the driveway, that the owner of these pieces must not feel quite the same way. His sense of humor not what I am used to in terms of artwork display.

His rhinoceros was chewing on a pair of panties. That made me giggle. The belly laughs came from the other side of the street. 


  1. You got to see the elusive Bear? I'm so jealous! How IS she???

  2. I see Bear every time I make it to Angwin. You just have to call her parents to find out where she is.
    She is doing very well. We got to have a cake for her birthday on Sunday.